天天斗牛Odyssey employs the Dry Cell technology that is found is many popular spiral-wound batteries, which allows the battery to be mounted on any position except directly upside down。  The dense virgin lead plates that ODYSSEY batteries use avoid the dead space that plagues the spiral wound design, and results in 15% more plate surface area。 Odyssey's "secret" ingredient in their high performance batteries is virgin lead。  Virgin lead plates can be made thinner and still be stronger than their lead-alloy cousins。  Don't settle for less when you need serious power。  Made in the USA just sweetens the deal。 

天天斗牛PC680MJ Odyssey 12v 170 CCA Power Sport AGM Battery with Metal Jacket Price: $140.99 Size: 7.15 x 3.00 x 6.65"
C.C.A.: 170 Amp/Hr: 18
PC625 Odyssey 12v 200 CCA Power Sport and Motorcycle AGM Battery Price: $203.43 Size: 6.70 x 3.90 x 6.89"
C.C.A.: 200 Amp/Hr: 16


Order Line: 1-800-362-5397
M–F 6 am–5 pm PST
Tech Help: 541-474-4421
Fax: 541-471-6014
276 Tech Way, Suite A
Grants Pass, OR 97526
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